Posted by Elizabeth Chavers on 7/26/2019
Shop online. That's something everyone seems to do now. It's easy...you can do at home or on the go with your smartphone. It's practical...you don't have to get out of the car in the snow or rain. It's not time conscious....you don't have to try to fit time into your schedule to park and come into our location to browse. 

These are just a few of the reasons we have been working hard to create an online store for you to browse our favorite products! Granted, you won't find every little thing we have in our shop on here (seriously, that would be over 5,000 products!!!), but you will find the best sellers and the specialty lines you can only find through us. And isn't that really the best things to find on here anyway? 

So now on our new "online store" you can create guest registries for special occasions, make a wish list of your favorite products, or sign up for our mailing list where you'll get an amazing coupon every month! Plus you'll find discounts and sales on our online store and even free shipping or pickup on select items! And the best part is you'll find items you can personalize for your special occasion. Isn't that great???

As always you'll also find our general information like contact info, hours, and history on our site. And you can check back here often for new blog posts every other week where we'll share new products and designs, events, in-store sales, and more!!! Thanks for reading and we can't wait to hear from you!

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